Pneumococcal Vaccine: 

What is penumococcal disease?

Infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria can cause serious infections like pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis (infection in blood), and can lead to serious problems including deafness and brain damage and even death. These infection affects mainly children younger than 2 years and can spread due to close contact.

What does Pneumococcal vaccine contain?

There are about 90 different types of pneumococcal bacterias that can cause disease in children. The pneumococcal vaccine protects about 7-13 common types(depending on the type of vaccine used).

When should my child get Pneumococcal vaccine?

Indian Academy of Pediatrics has recommended this vaccine as an optional vaccine (To be discussed with the parents, about the advantage of this vaccine and its cost). I strongly recommend parents to consider this vaccine if the cost is affordable.


    • Dose 1: 6 weeks
    • Dose 2: 10 weeks
    • Dose 3: 14 weeks
    • Booster: 15-18 months.


Who should NOT get Pneumococcal vaccine?

Anyone who has had a life-threatening allergic reaction to a previous dose of Pneumococcal vaccine or DTaP should not get another dose.

What are the possible side effects from Pneumococcal vaccine?

Most people do not have any problems with this vaccine and if there is any, they are usually mild.

  • Pain at the injection site
  • Fever
  • Irritability

Severe problems are extremely rare.

What to do if there is any moderate or severe reaction?

Call the doctor, or get your child to a doctor right away

“Content Source: Centers for Disease Control and prevention,  Indian Academy of pediatrics”