2-4 Years Age

  • kidsone

    kidsone TAMIL

    Kidsone is an wonderful website which offers interesting stories, printable work sheets, colorful illustrations and games in TAMIL, TELUGU and HINDI.

  • pbskids1


    PBS KIDS VIDEO gives kids access to hundreds of video clips and full episodes of PBS shows like Dinosaur Train, Clifford, and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Videos are about 10- 20 minutes long, and they’re searchable by name and topic.



    This site is designed to develop preschool reading skills. It also provides a great resources to parents and teachers to help teach the basic reading skills.

  • Ottoclub-300x150


    This website wants to teach kids about safety: how to cross a street, the importance of wearing a bike helmet, and lots more. Explore the Village and see what surprises you can find. Use any US ZIP CODE eg: 44044 to enter the website.

  • PeepandtheBigWideWorld


    Preschoolers learn science concepts with Peep the newly hatched chick and his friends Chirp and Quack (a robin and a duck). Follow their adventures as they explore around their native pond and the “big wide world” beyond

  • storyline-online


    This website features excellent book-related questions and activity guides that accompany each book to make the experience more interactive and educational.



    Duck’s Alphabet is a colorful, simple site for preschoolers to learn phonics pre-reading skills. There’s one main game theme on this site, which moves through all letter sounds of the alphabet and rewards kids with a printable color sheet at the end of mastering each one.

  • PBS-WORDWORD-300x197

    PBS Word word

    PBS WORDWORLD is a place where words come alive. Preschoolers will be delighted by the animated animal hosts, whose colorful bodies are shaped from the letters that spell out what animal they are.

  • sproutButton


    Sprout Online is an extension of the PBS Kids Sprout cable channel for preschoolers. Most of the content comes directly from the channel’s popular shows, including the videos. The site is fun and visually notable so that kids won’t mind seeing the same stuff online.