Child Safety seat

Child Safety seat

It is wrong to believe that holding your child against you will prevent your child from fatal injuries. For children less than 12 years middle of the rear seats are the safest spot in the car. Although it is not a legal requirement it is wise to invest in an age appropriate child safety seat for travelling in a car

Infant seat(0-1 years or upto 10 kg)
These are designed to face the rear of the car as this is the position in which they can best protect a child whose neck muscles are still developing.

infant seat







Fig:Rear facing infant car seat.

TODDLERS SEATS(1- 5 years)

These are forward facing seats with safety harnesses to secure the child.
 Toddler car seat








Fig: Toddler car seat with safety harness

BOOSTER SEATS(5-12 years or until seat belt fits properly)
These are used for children until they reach adult height. This raises the childs height so that the seatbelt of the car does not pass over his neck.

booster car seat






Fig:Booster car seat





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